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New Old Stock Terms & Conditions

New Old Stock Terms & Conditions

New Old Stock, or NOS for short, refers to retail items or products that are still technically brand new, but have never been sold for long periods of time. This is commonly due to newer and/or upgraded versions of the same product being released, rendering the older models obsolete. Thus, this makes them old stock. But because they're still technically brand new, unused, unsold products, they are termed "new old stock". 

When you buy a New Old Stock item, you accept that 

  • This is New Old Stock item that has never been used and is a brand new item that may be obsolete
  • There will be some dirt stains or yellowing of the product due to long term storage
  • The item may not come with gift box and/or instruction manuals due to the age of the packaging
  • Once item is sold, there will be no refund, no exchange, no return