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MNS-R1 Micro-Needle Therapy (Red Light)
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Product Description

The Photon Micro-needle Therapy System employs minimally invasive micro needle therapy to stimulate skin, using the micro needle to create a large number of micro-channels quickly to form a high-quality delivery system among the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue so that the active ingredients and nutrients are quickly absorbed by the skin, greatly enhancing the efficacy of the product.

The theoretical basis of photon therapy is that biological tissues absorb the light energy and transfer light energy into heat and chemical energy, resulting in a series of chain reactions in the human body, of which there are four types: Light-induced decomposition, light-induced oxidation, light-induced polymerization and light-induced sensitization.

Different wavelengths of light have different biological effects including

  • 405nm blue light to eliminate acne inflammation: Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, renewal, inhibit sebum secretion, has anti-aging effects, and make the skin soft, smooth, white and charming.
  • 633nm high-energy narrow-band red light, speed up healing: to make human muscle and skin cells grow 5 times of the normal rate, increase endurance and resistance to fatigue, promote cell metabolism.
  • Resonate with mitochondria of human tissue, strongly absorbed by mitochondria, produces enzymatic reaction.

Output power 1-30m W.

Can use closely for accurate irradiation


  • 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm are for medical use and should be used with local anaesthesia under the guidance of experts or doctors.
  • Avoid using in placdes with high temperature such as saunas or hot springs.
  • Do not use scrubs, exfoliating products, diamond dermabrasion, or microdermabrasion within one week after the dermaroller treatment
  • Do not use on skin with irritations, infections, fungal infections, acne, rosascea etc. Please consult a dermatologist before use if you are unsure of your skin traits.
  • If allergic reactions occur, please stop using immediately and consult a doctor or skin specialist.
  • All dermarollers are disposable and for personal use only. Do not share!

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